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WindRush Vineyard was planted in 1997 on a south facing hillside of the Sierra Nevada foothills at an elevation of 2600 feet. The former gold rich soils of El Dorado County are now home to numerous vineyards with grape varieties of all types.  Red wine grapes do particularly well in the Sierra Nevada foothills just to the east of Placerville, California.


The vineyard at WindRush is a Syrah vineyard.  Syrah or Shiraz, is a dark purple, almost black seeded grape which produces full bodied red wine.  Syrah was discovered in the city of Shiraz, Iran and the grape found there was used to supply the Sultans with wine.  The grape was brought to France and today is one of the largest varieties grown in the Rhone River valley.  In France, Shiraz became known as Syrah.  The grape made its way to California many years ago and also to Australia and New Zealand where it is still known as Shiraz. 


The WindRush Vineyard produces 8 to 12 tons of award winning grapes every season.  The majority of the harvest is purchased by a large winery in Clarksburg, CA just south of Sacramento.  A smaller portion of the crop is lovingly picked and processed by a local gentleman who turns the grapes into gold medal and double gold medal winning wines.  For the 2016/2017 harvest, a sweet, late harvest dessert wine is planned.

The Vineyard

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